Kick Shot Pool

Kick Shot Pool 1.0

Kick Shot Pool introduces the popular pool game for PC with 3D graphics
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Glimmer Games

Kick Shot Pool introduces the popular pool game for PC with surprisingly realistic 3D graphics and sound effects. It is an interesting pool game that combines the realism of its graphics and sounds, together with an intuitive control of movements, which provides the accuracy you need to win. Kick Shot Pool offers hours of entertainment with your family and friends. You can play as a single player, against friends or CPU opponents at several levels, or challenge online other players around the world. Among its numerous features it includes: a 360º view of the table; it really looks like as if you were in a bar playing with your friends, windowed and full screen mode, five screen resolutions, the option of using an auto camera or a manual camera, that automatically follows your movements giving an impressive real-life appeareance. Another interesting aspect to highlight is the detailed background of the bar.
Start playing Kick Shot Pool is very easy, mastering the game is up to you. After selecting the type of game, you only have to point a ball with your mouse, moving it backwards and then shot holding the left button. What is really difficult is to stop playing this amazing game. Kick Shot Pool is the perfect blend of great graphics and entertainment, in a game that is essential for any PC user.

Review summary


  • Great graphics
  • Excellent sound effects
  • Realistic
  • Easy to play


  • It’s difficult to stop playing
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